Multilingual Thursday, 6th January

If you’ve had chance to get a break since I last wrote, I hope it was as restorative as mine was!

1. Early notice (because next Thursday may be too late) of the first NATESOL Free Webinar of 2022, Multilingualism in the Classroom: Productive strategies for supporting teaching and learning, at 10:00 UK time on Saturday 15th January with Eowyn Crisfield from Oxford Brookes University. PDF with more detail below; register here before 17:00 UK time next Friday, 14th January

Eowyn’s abstract begins “The term ‘translanguaging’ is the new academic buzz word, and everyone is wondering what exactly it means for our classrooms …” Tune in on the 15th to find out exactly what it does mean.

2. Emma Dafouz’s presentation on Approaching English-medium Education in Multilingual University Settings through the ROAD-MAPPING framework in the UCL Centre for Applied Linguistics Research Seminar series, originally planned for December, has been rescheduled for 16:00 UK time on Tuesday, 11th January 2022. PDF with more detail below; register here

Emma’s abstract begins “Two decades into the 21st century, the use of English as vehicular language for higher education for the sake of internationalisation is a growing reality …” Interesting use of ‘vehicular’ there, which I think I understand as Emma means me to.

3. A good blog post by Sulaiman Jenkins that I missed first time round, Is the ‘native speaker/ non-native speaker’ teacher dichotomy really necessary anymore? “The short answer”, says Sulaiman, “is no; the issue, however, is much more complex than a simple one-word response.” PDF copy below just in case that’s easier; I hope I don’t get into trouble with Paul Braddock.

4. And, finally, From apanthropy to zwodder, Susie Dent’s A-Z of Christmas (words) Was anyone wearing hufflebuffs over the holiday period, I wonder?

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