Largely Multilingual Thursday, 23rd December

  1. Here’s the recording of Kristina Hultgren’s talk, Multilingualism vs English: are they reconcilable? at the recent ICLHE (Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education – grown-up CLIL?) symposium in Maastricht on The Englishization of Higher Education You can find a PDF of the whole symposium programme below, with links to the recordings of (nearly) all the talks.

2. There’s a range of recordings (and lengths of recording) of talks by Lena Boroditsky on How language shapes the way we think (or variations on that theme) available on YouTube and Facebook. Here’s a) a nineteen-minute version b) a one-hour version (plus Q&A) and c) a ninety-second version, for the bus home Several other lengths of talk are available!

3. An article from a Cambridge friend, John Drew, on How East India traders brought cricket to Indian shores 300 years ago this fortnight One way or another, language will need to have been found to explain the concept of LBW (leg before wicket) – unless that was a later complication? PDF below.

If you were John Hattie, would you have agreed to a public debate with Steen Nepper Larsen, the author of a review of your book, The Purposes of Education, that culminated (fulminated?) as follows: “The concluding remark must be that the advantage of John Hattie’s evidence credo is that it is so banal, mundane and trivial that even educational planners and economists can understand it”?

Hattie did, and this engaging blog post by Jenny Mackness tells the story

Here’s the video of their discussion at the World Education Summit earlier this year, probably best summed up as agreement to disagree!

5. And, finally, how about a little cheese? Here’s Marc King, the head cheesemaker at Fen Farm Dairy in Norfolk

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