Friday, 26th November

1. I’ve sometimes wondered whether I have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), given my eagerness to line up all the jars in the fridge with the labels to the front, but I’ve never felt it necessary to get myself assessed. Here’s the OCD UK website, which suggests, on the one hand, that whatever I may or may not have is at the very mild end of the spectrum, but, on the other hand, more of us and our students may suffer from OCD than we appreciate

2. Two pieces on social mobility: a report from the UK Department of Education on which university degrees enable social mobility the most

plus commentary on the report from the wonks at WONKHE, which also explores issues of access to higher education

PDFs of both the whole report and the executive summary below.

3. One for a careful, well-prepared class discussion, perhaps? A post on the NESTA blog which looks at obesity and eating disorders, Healthy lifestyles: beyond single-issue thinking

4. And, finally, here’s some stories from ‘champion teachers’ from Mexico, skilfully edited by Deborah Bullock and Paula Rebolledo I’d like to think that all teachers are champion teachers! PDF below.

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