Multilingual Thursday, 25th November

Bit of a focus on spoken language this week.

1. Practical Advice on Teaching English Pronunciation for a Global World: Teaching Towards International Intelligibility is the title of a webinar by Robin Walker for Oxford University Press at either 09:30 or 17:30 UK time next Wednesday, 2nd December. More info here

2. Two TeachingEnglish webinars in broadly the same area as Robin Walker’s above with colleagues from British Council Sri Lanka next Monday, 29th November, one at 11:00 UK time and the other at 12:15 UK time, Teaching Early Years Online and Phonics for teachers of Early Years More info and registration here

I rather doubt that my colleagues in Colombo (or anywhere else) teach Received Pronunciation; here’s more on that topic, including a wonderful recording of Lady Silvia Beatrice Coke!

3. Here’s the cover story from the new edition of Multilingual about the founder of the ‘language data network’ TAUS, Jaap van der Meer I willingly admit to being slightly intimidated by seventy-nine-year-olds who “frequently bike 70 kms to work”, if ‘bike’ means ‘cycle’.

One of the other pieces looks at something I’d not heard of before – that’s unusual, I don’t hear you say! – the Inglehart–Welzel Cultural Map Here’s the map itself Click to enlarge.

Rest of the new issue here

4. And, finally, I mentioned this FutureLearn course back in August, Multilingual Learning for a Globalised World but I think it merits another mention, as it’s available at present (in a self-access version) and a number of people have said they enjoyed doing it

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