Monday, 29th November

1. “Rather than closing the dialogue between teachers and researchers (…) we hope to widen the door and increase the amount of dialogue” is the avowed ambition of TESOLgraphics: TESOL research at your fingertips, launched earlier today I’ve not yet had time to explore.

2. Steven Pinker has a new programme on BBC Radio 4, Think with Pinker, described as ‘a guide to thinking better’

and the UK Open University have a matching ‘Pinker Page’ which includes two intriguing tests for you and your students to try, to assess how rational you are: Who is Linda? & The Four Cards. Scroll down the page for the tests.

3. A reminder that this Wednesday, 1st December (already!), at 13:00 UK time, there’s a wide-ranging discussion on English in higher education – challenges, opportunities, current practice and future trends chaired by Kristina Hultgren, Professor of Sociolinguistics and Applied Linguistics at the Open University  

4. And, finally, prompted by listening to Yard Act last Wednesday, two versions of ‘Damaged Goods’ by Gang of Four & I like them both but I know which one I prefer!

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