Wednesday, 3rd November

1. This is one that should really have gone out yesterday. Teaching for Climate Action: Schools Shaping the Future is a COP26 event co-organised by the OECD, Education International, and UNESCO at 13:00 UK time this Thursday, 5th November

2. We’re due another visit to the UKFIET blog, I reckon The usual wide range of posts, including Framing Ecosystems for Childhood Resilience by Stephen Bayley from Cambridge University, whose research involves observing how children in low-income settings develop skills like creativity and problem solving and this post by Inderjit Bains from Birmingham University which explores the role of the private sector in shaping learning experiences and outcomes for disadvantaged children in India Many of us are by instinct against private education, but maybe that’s just too black and white.

3. A virtual curator’s tour of the current Hokusai: The Great Picture Book of Everything exhibition at the British Museum Great stuff!

4. And, finally and courtesy of my father, who – although he found it in the Letters column of The Times recently – is not quite sure about the language. The actor Rex Harrison was notorious for his unpleasant behaviour towards fellow actors and audience alike. On one occasion, he was met at the stage door by a woman holding out her programme in the hope of his autograph. He pushed her out of the way, so she hit him with her umbrella. A rare case, said the letter writer, of the fan hitting the shit.

5. I guess you could say that my father suffers from a mild dose of kakologophobia

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