Multilingual Thursday, 4th November

1. Next Monday, 8th November at 16:30 UK time sees the Cambridge Annual Distinguished Lecture on Second Language Learning and Teaching by Alastair Henry from University West in Trollhättan (wonderful placename!), Sweden: Motivational Persistence in Multiple Language Learning: Identities, Vision, and Goal Self-Concordance

More info and registration here:

“Endurance is crucial to success in language learning. Along the often long road to fluency, diversions, hurdles, and setbacks can be many.”

2. Next Thursday, 11th November, at 09:00 UK time on the other side of the world from Trollhättan, is the next ‘Zoominar’ in Universitas Negeri Jakarta’s ‘Language, Society, Education’ monthly programme, with Fauzia Shamim from Ziauddin University in Karachi, Pakistan talking about the ‘Effects of digital multi-modal communication on language norms, conventions and use’.

Zoom meeting ID 9747372 6718 and password PASCAUNJ (I think that’s all you need, but I’ll check.)

“There has been an exponential increase in multi-modal communication mediated through digital media in recent years, especially during the pandemic. This study investigates how the use of various digital media platforms and apps by Generation Z has impacted the norms, conventions and use of language, including grammar, vocabulary and appropriacy in regard to purpose and audience. The findings have important implications for teaching-learning of English language in higher education settings, particularly in non-native English speaking countries.”

3. I’m reliably informed that ‘the NATESOL beast will awaken for the new academic year with a very interesting presentation for EAP practitioners’ next Saturday, 13th November, at 10:00 UK time: ‘Connecting language across the curriculum: inclusion, differentiation and access through EAP’ with Bee Bond from Leeds University.

More info and registration here

“In this webinar, (Bee) will begin by questioning the purpose and position of EAP in the curriculum. Drawing on practical and insightful case studies, (she) will outline the impact that ignoring language(s) in the curriculum can have on both students and staff.”

4. There’s a free event from the UK National Centre for Writing at 19:00 UK time next Tuesday, 9th November: Meet the World: Barcelona, written and translated will celebrate the recent publication of The Book of Barcelona, about a city which is ‘a melting-pot of cultures and (…) (a) myriad truths’.

Registration here:

5. And, finally, this year’s Being Human festival starts next Thursday, 11th November. See what you can find here that you fancy Pickles, Dickens, biohacking and accents included …

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