Wednesday, 29th September

1. Colleagues in Egypt are holding their 2nd Back to School Online Conference this Friday and Saturday, 1st and 2nd October starting at 09:00 UK time each day. More info here

registration here

and programme here

Speakers from around the world: Mexico, Georgia, India, Egypt, Algeria and Spain! PDF of programme below, too.

2. From a possibly surprising source, the Chartered Insurance Institute here in the UK, some good clear guidelines for Inclusive Language, which has become complicated and hazardous territory, to help you avoid unintentionally reinforcing stereotypes, excluding or patronising people, or causing discomfort or offence. PDF below.

3. Don’t even think of reading the next item if you suffer from this week’s phobia, ranidaphobia!

4. The Bell Foundation produce some excellent free resources. Here’s a recent set on the life cycle of a frog with activities to support learning and understanding of the topic and develop vocabulary associated with it

More resources here, including Chicken Coop Maths, Types of Angles and Minibeasts

You’ll need to register, but it’s well worth doing so. Frog lesson material PDFs below.

5. And, finally, proof that this is how we should all start the day, it seems

I’ll give the thirty-second variation a go tomorrow morning!

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