Multilingual Thursday, 30th September

1. First of a number of webinars today is the first in Swansea University’s Language Research Centre webinar series at 13:00 UK time next Wednesday, 6th October, a talk by Wataru Suzuki from Miyagi University of Education in Japan on Languaging in second language learning and teaching: Theory and research.

More info on this talk and the others in the series in the PDF below, and registration for the whole series here

2. Next Tuesday, 5th October at 19:00 UK time sees the first in Dublin City University’s webinar series on ‘Aspects of multilingualism in Education’, Sanna Pakarinen from Åbo Akademi in Finland talking about Multilingualism and student identity in Swedish immersion in Finland and in Irish immersion in Ireland.

More info in the PDF below and registration here

3. A little earlier next Tuesday, at 13:00 UK time, Hywel Coleman from Leeds University and David Fero from SCI Taratung will be giving a talk in the University of Reading Applied Linguistics Research Circle’s weekly series, on Accessing health information: Linguistic human rights in Indonesia.

“Linguistic human rights – for example, the right to be educated in one’s own language and the right to use own’s own language in law courts – have been discussed for at least a quarter of a century. Implementation, though, has been sporadic.”

More info in the PDF below; to register, send an e-mail to Rodney Jones at Reading

4. Also from Indonesia, a report on English as Medium of Instruction (EMI) in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Indonesia by a team from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Atma Jaya Catholic University, Diponegoro University Semarang and Leeds University which strikes a similarly admonitory tone to the publications I included on Monday

Film of the launch event here and PDFs below of both the summary and the full report.

5. And, finally, here’s those clicks that got crowded out by all the whistles on Monday, a lesson in how to pronounce Zulu clicks with Sakhile Dube:

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