Climate Tuesday, 28th September

1. There’s now a YouTube version of all The Climate Connection podcasts with subtitles, which will make them accessible to an even larger audience, I hope

2. The next ELT Footprint UK event is at 14:00 UK time this coming Friday, 1st October: Attracting environmentally conscious students  More info here (scroll down a bit) and register here

I think participants from outside the UK may have an interesting perspective to contribute on what exactly an ‘environmentally conscious’ student looks like in different countries around the world.

3. Twelve new Climate Action in Language Education (CALE) lesson plans here on a range of topics for all ages (and proficiency levels) from Young Learner to Adult:

Try this one on plastic waste PDFs of lesson plans and worksheets below.

4. Good notice of the next online CALE course, looking at integrating climate action in the English language classroom, which starts on 19th October Nine hours in total and includes live tutorials.

5. And, finally and non-climatically, a webinar this Thursday, 30th September at 21:00 UK time from my colleagues in Latin America on The benefits of teacher development for your daily work and career plans – just in case you were in any doubt about said benefits! More info and registration (for the whole series) here

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