Non-Multilingual Thursday, 23rd September

We’ll have a Multilingual Monday instead!

1. It’s been quite a while since I had a look at the UKFIET website. A good piece by Maiya Hershey, Harry Haynes and Ben Webster has gone up just today, Learning Ecosystems: Reimagining Higher Education Access for Refugees about how we improve access to higher education for people who have been forced to leave their home countries.

Here’s the recording of the launch of the report referred to in the blog post

and here’s the report itself PDF below.


2. Three items from Stephen Downes’s e-learning newsletter, OLDaily, which is where I often find interesting stuff:

a whole free book on speaking in public

and a matching pair of blog posts on the future of education and whether or not we need radical change by Seth Godin and Chris Kennedy

You can sign up for OLDaily yourself here

3. The winners of the annual BBC Short Story Competition are being read each afternoon this week.

Catch them on iPlayer at your convenience: I enjoyed this one about a train journey to Kyiv by Georgina Harding

4. And, finally, the Hay Festival’s September book of the month is Elif Shafak’s The Island of Missing Trees, and there’s a free reading and discussion with her next Thursday, 30th September. More info and registration here

While you’re waiting, here’s an event from The Conduit with Elif last week (New to me, The Conduit.)

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