‘Invitation Wednesday’, 22nd September

1. First up tonight, an invitation from my colleague Paul Braddock to give a webinar for the TeachingEnglish community. Come on now, don’t be shy! Full details in the PDF below.

2. Second, an invitation from my colleague Graham Stanley to present at next year’s online BBELT 2021: https://www.britishcouncil.org.mx/en/events/bbelt-2022-connecting-teachers-empowering-learners

NB! If your proposal is selected, you’ll be able to attend BBELT for free …

3. A  forthright blog post from Lisa Lane, Why Essay Assignments Suck https://lisahistory.medium.com/why-essay-assignments-suck-f4632a5fe588

I’ve not yet met very many teachers who claim to enjoy marking essays, but you may disagree …

4. And, finally and thanks to my colleague Fraser, a short cartoon from the East Asia and Pacific Regional Office of UNICEF (EAPRO) about the impact of the pandemic upon children and schools that might provoke a thoughtful classroom discussion https://youtu.be/GYesy3mBtJE

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