Climate Tuesday, 21st September

1. Scotland’s Climate Assembly sent out 20,000 invitations to randomly selected households across Scotland. Of those who responded, 105 people were invited to take part in the Assembly. Assembly members were selected to be broadly representative of Scotland’s population in terms of age, gender, disability, household income, geography, ethnicity, rurality and attitudes towards climate change. It presented its report to the Scottish Parliament earlier this year PDF below, but, on this occasion, I’d recommend using the online version if you’re able to.

2. Scotland’s Children’s Parliament (SCP) made their own full contribution to the report Their own report, especially the films they produced, will chime with your own students, their peers, I’m sure. PDF of the SCP report below.

3. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this RSA event last week, Our biggest experiment: A history of the climate crisis, but I think that’s because I got annoyed with the interviewer’s ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ (thank you, Granny!) haircut

His interviewee, Alice Bell, has a much more sensible haircut and co-runs the charity Possible

4. And, finally, here’s the Radio 4 adaptation of ‘the greatest travel writer in the world’, Colin Thubron’s latest book, The Amur River: Between Russia and China As usual, a masterpiece of BBC compression: 275 pages reduced to five quarter-hour episodes.

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