Monday, 20th September

Sorry about the hiccup on Friday! Earlier than usual today, as I’m off down to London to celebrate Vietnamese National Day.

1. There’s scope for a good class discussion based on these two very short videos from the Royal National Institute for the Blind’s ‘How I See’ campaign here in the UK:


2. There’s also a good class discussion about group think and social media bubbles in this new RSA Short on The Power of Diverse Thinking by Matthew Syed

3. I wonder whether an obsession with sleep and insomnia is a luxury that most people who crawl into their beds at the end of the day dog tired around the world have no time for? Here’s a Guardian piece on the topic by Kate Mikhail

4. I mentioned last week the launch at 15:00 UK time tomorrow, Tuesday 21st September, of the OECD publication, Education at a Glance 2021. Just in case you’re attending (or just in case you’re not!) here’s a link to the online executive summary of findings which I’ve also copied into the PDF below, if that’s easier.

Webinar registration link once more here Some people said last week’s link didn’t work for them, but this one – which did work for me just now – looks identical!

5. And, finally and sadly, the poet Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze died before her time last month. Here’s a typically engaged and engaging performance, including the poem ‘Aid Travels with a Bomb’

and here’s her obituary

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