Multilingual Thursday, 16th September

1. This year’s Einar Haugen Lecture at Oslo University will be given by Aneta Pavlenko at 14:15 UK time next Friday, 24th September. Described as “a tour in a time machine, starting out in Ptolemaic Alexandria in 323 BC and then making short stops in imperial Rome, Norman Palermo, medieval Toledo and London, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, imperial St Petersburg, colonial Philadelphia, and the capital of Habsburg Hungary, Pressburg-Poszony to answer the question: “Does multilingualism need a history?”

More info here:

2. A useful survey article from Bridge Universe, What Is CLIL? The Global Trend in Bilingual Education Explained

It includes a good video from Peeter Mehisto on What Is CLIL and What Is Not?

Here’s a video of a longer talk Dr Mehisto gave back in 2013 on ‘The Cognitive Benefits of Bilingualism’

3. Eaquals’ new series of webinars starts next Tuesday, 21st September. Full details of the series here Free of charge for everyone!

4. And, finally, an article about online education during the pandemic in Japan that you’ll need to register to read, but I suggest that’s well worth the effort

Perhaps not quite the story of success you’d have expected from high tech Japan.

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