Wednesday, 15th September

1. A blog post by Nick Michelioudakis for Oxford University Press, to start with, How To Turn Reading Into A Habit

I’m feeling a little mischievous, so will point out that Nick’s writing about a world of dental floss, piano practice and a bedroom for each child in the family. Put that to one side and much of what he says makes good sense.

2. Three OECD events next week:

on 21st September  at 15:00 UK time, The state of education around the world: Findings from Education at a Glance 2021;

on  23rd September at 11:00 UK time, What Generation Z thinks about school, the curriculum and their future;

and at 11:45 UK time, also on 23rd September, Getting a job: How schools can help students develop recruitment skills

My expectation is that a global organisation like OECD thinks globally – let’s see! I’m keen on the Generation Z one.

3. Still plenty of time to register for the definitely global-minded mEducation Alliance symposium I mentioned last week and there’s now a full (provisional) programme available  PDF below for ease of reference.

4. This week’s global phobia? Mycophobia – develops overnight after rain!

5. And, finally, courtesy of my father (and The Times letters section), a (not very global) poem by John Moore:

I lately lost a preposition,

It fell, I thought, beneath my chair.

Angrily I cried, “Perdition,

Up from out of in under there!”

Now correctness is my vade mecum,

And straggling phrases I abhor,

And yet I wondered, what should it come

Up from out of in under for?”

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