Partly Climatic Tuesday, 14th September

1. There’s still time to enter the Climate Action for Language Education (CALE) school video competition

I left out one very important partner when I first mentioned this competition last Tuesday, namely IATEFL Global Issues SIG (GISIG) Sorry, GSIG!

2. The next CALE Education Exchange digital event will be at 16:00 UK time on Wednesday, 22nd September on Climate change and language learning. More info on this event and future events in the series, plus recordings of previous events here

3. Some sobering climate facts in this new BBC report, Climate change: World now sees twice as many days over 50⁰C

Many years ago, lulled into a false sense of security by the efficiency of our car’s air conditioning, I once stopped in a desert lay-by on the way home from Kuwait to Baghdad and opened the car door – ouch! Must have been at least 50⁰. I also learnt that a sunroof is not a sunroof in that part of the world; it’s a moonroof!

4. Courtesy of Mark Henebury, here’s more on non-lexical language (I hope that non-lexical is the right word to use here.)

More articles on language from the BBC Future site here

5. And, finally and not at all light-heartedly, here’s a prescient piece that Dexter Filkins wrote for the New Yorker in 2012

Should you ever get chance to read his The Forever War: Dispatches from the War on Terror, do take it.

PS ~ PRELIM 2 is coming …..

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