Decidedly Miscellaneous Friday, 24th September

1. Ample notice, I hope, for you to make your choice from the wide range of TeachingEnglish events on 5th October in celebration of World Teachers’ Day 2021; more information and registration here

2. Free for only one more week, pretty much the whole of this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival

I’ve got my eye on Ian Rankin’s account of his completion of the novel William McIlvanney left unfinished when he died

3. William Dalrymple is always good value. At 14:00 UK time next Thursday, 30th September he’ll be in conversation with Roddy Gow of the Asia Scotland Institute on Afghanistan – Doomed to repeat the mistakes of past wars Note, please, the absence of a question mark in that title.

4. UK National Poetry Day is only two weeks away now. Here’s a selection of ‘permissions-cleared’ poems for use in the classroom (or on the bus home)

Try The Lady’s Yes by Elizabeth Barrett Browning?

5. And, finally, with the warning that these are not meaningful questions: Who speaks English best in Latin America? Who speaks English best in Africa? Who speaks English best in Asia? Who speaks English best in Europe? Sweden, apparently!

Here’s the original piece from the Bulgarian news service Novinite that caught the EL Gazette eye, which contains a number of interesting hyperlinks (Do we still say hyperlinks or am I showing my age again?)

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