Wednesday, 4th August

1. Ample notice of this event at 14:00 UK time on Thursday 12th August as you may wish to do some prep for it with your students: the Global LEAD #WatchOurImpact Dialogue, a partnership between UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited and USAID’s Global Lead programme. More info and registration here

More on Generation Unlimited here

and on Global Lead here

Might be hard to keep track of the abbreviations and acronyms!

2. The Coding Mindset is the most recent edition of the Pearson English Podcast. A new term to me, ‘coding mindset’. Podcast and explanation here

Direct link to podcast here (so you don’t keep clicking in vain on the forward arrow, as I did, but maybe that was a practical illustration of the coding mindset?).

3. I’d not come across this UNESCO list of the 1,154 World Heritage Sites before Lots of fun to be had exploring!

Used to be 1,155 until Liverpool lost its World Heritage status recently, alas.

4. Here’s a grim but well-written piece from Gerry Hassan for The Scottish Review on Scotland’s struggle with drugs-related deaths, which “has earned Scotland the unwanted moniker of ‘the drug death capital of Europe’”.


5. And, finally, this week’s phobia, suggested by my colleague Steve, is igniterroremophobia. Steve says, “It’s hard to tell if some of these are just made-up nonsense…”

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