Tuesday, 3rd August

1. “There is a very long way to go for us all to fight against racial discrimination and hatred”, says Professor Li Wei, appointed earlier this year as Dean of the University College London Institute of Education. At one level, Li Wei has clearly been successful in his own fight against racial discrimination; as he explains in this piece for tesol journal, he now wants to help others win their fights https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/tesj.618 PDF below.

2. “Those in charge often have no experience of the problems they’re trying to solve and so are slow to find effective solutions.” This episode of the BBC Radio 4 series Equitable Leadership is an interview with Baljeet Sandhu, a pioneer of the Lived Experience Movement and founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Centre for Knowledge Equity here in the UK, who believes ‘knowledge equity’ can make policy-making more progressive https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000ycvl

3. Last Monday, I mentioned the debate, Is Privatisation of Education Really a Solution? Here’s one contribution to that debate, Public Education Works: Five Lessons From Low and Middle-Income Countries https://doc-04-4o-prod-03-apps-viewer.googleusercontent.com/viewer2/prod-03/pdf/qa4lnn48r53comugedgq39e7h3fqfsb4/puidolbajf8d4a6lhc9ng7krih7bt9t6/1628012475000/3/102819316364724173377/APznzaZh_1Yw0MnveT8cXsl2ywtuLJdeZkYeOvzQJQuExHvhk8itI5NFupsUnzzSCaEwAsfghH0XLvYD5Y7PsMeFE_778m91rVS12OXDIW3DXxw5schde5CFiadIUd6hN8HZO6GAsaJw6TAQkAHbkftNS0BhdCC2SMe9uBQL6qgSi2ZqlO055Fn5t–sYuyzixgzDgVSuiE220EIMueZGkqsHayu5UEHTWSNWxed1lZx2TiNY2FhOCoZdKWpHexLX5cH4UegDlXve-pVulb5dmqJ2TNwNLqAElRZE5qi2P-JuVRj0x8_R6ynHPeq5LbzZ0YWxwAcFg3n_CMFJHIDgcnp7nH_8cEwtS6CNAuUP4JXEbMQUazrq8I=?nonce=9oishsc949o4u&user=102819316364724173377&hash=u3juvv0v0gtmpiu0mptp1r3q1kj4gh4k

That’s a horrendously long link which probably contains information on what I ate for lunch as well as the length of my inside leg, so there’s a PDF as well, below.

4. And, finally, here’s a simple recipe which – wonderful typo – makes ‘four sandwishes’ https://ralphschelling.com/download/ralph-schelling-monocle-rezept-tamago-sandwiches.jpg

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