Monday, 2nd August

1. And, firstly, just for a change this evening, an extraordinary exercise in patience and skill Deeply depressingly, one of the comments on the tweet where I first saw this said, ‘Why bother?’ ….

2. I mentioned Richard Smith’s ELTJ article, A brief history of ELT Journal back in March. I’ve just discovered Richard’s short introductory talk on his article

Slightly strangely, it’s the first item in this Oxford University Press YouTube playlist on Grammar and Vocabulary

3. The sixth podcast in The Climate Connection series is out, on Global Schooling

Here’s the direct link to the podcast itself

PDFs below of show notes and transcript.

4. And while we’re on the subject of climate, here’s The Guardian’s compilation of one month’s worth of extreme weather This link works for nearly everyone, it seems, but not for me – my YouTube profile is in a tizzy over ‘restricted mode’.

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