Multilingual Thursday, 5th August

1. I hope this one doesn’t get swamped by adverts. It’s an interesting piece exploring just how multilingual the Mexican government and Mexican citizens would wish to be A good basis for a class discussion?

2. Yet another benefit of being non-monolingual: “research has shown that a music-related hobby boosts language skills and affects the processing of speech in the brain. According to a new study, the reverse also happens — learning foreign languages can affect the processing of music in the brain”. (Thanks, Melanie!)

3. Digby Jones, Baron Jones of Birmingham – to use his full title – got himself into a right mess this week after his criticism of (what he called) BBC presenter Alex Scott’s ‘elocution’. There’s a good piece here, including the original Jones tweet, by Claire Hardaker, a forensic linguist from Lancaster University (Thanks, Ann!) and here’s Scott’s own splendid ‘final-g-free’ riposte

4. And, finally and also thanks to Ann, a treasure trove of accents and dialects from the British Library

Try this one from the Survey of English Dialects (the bottom left-hand corner tile on the main page): Mr Cloughton from Askrigg in Wensleydale, not far from where I was born, talking about building dry-stone walls and chuckle at the difference between his accent and the interviewer’s.

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