Friday, 23rd July

1. Here’s some reading for the weekend, this year’s ELT Masters dissertations ‘honours board’ The outright winner was Zening Yang from the University of Bath for her dissertation entitled: Motivational Strategies in an Online Learning Environment: L2 Teacher Cognitions and Practices

Special commendations went to Shehnaz Rafiq from Manchester Metropolitan University: Perceptions of Phonics Literacy Strategies in Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) for Non Literate Learners; Laura Nayeli Mendez Perez from the University of Bristol: Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of three Mexican national English Textbooks; Gui Afonso Henriques from St Mary’s University, Twickenham, London: A Study of CELTA Trainers’ Understanding and Operationalisation of CELTA Assessment Criterion 2g: “providing appropriate practice of language items”.

PDFs of those four dissertations below and you can download all the others commended.

2. From NESTA – EdTech usage during the pandemic: A story in four graphs

3. Try the Oxford Placement Test for free

4. On Tuesday, 27th July at 14:00 UK time, you can join a Global Education Summit Side Event: Meeting the Education Needs of Displaced Children and Young People More info and registration here A stellar line up of speakers, led by my favourite ex-prime minister!

5. And, finally, How to Write, a podcast from the UK National Centre for Writing You’d prefer to translate? OK! Many more here

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