Monday, 26th July

Earlier than usual today, as I’m busy later on.

1. At 14:00 UK time tomorrow, Tuesday 27th July, Is Privatisation of Education Really a Solution? In the organisers’ own words: “Through short interventions, this roundtable will share cross-cutting lessons outlined in this brief in order to offer inspiration to donors and implementing countries alike to renew their efforts for free public education and move away from the policies of the last two decades focused on private involvement and partnerships, which have shown their failure.”

2. Two events a week through till the end of August from Pearson English Assessment’s Summer Camp. The programme started last week and runs every Tuesday and Thursday until 24 August. More info and registration here

Past session recordings are also available via the links in case anyone would like to catch up – sorry I missed this last week!

3. Why I hate you and everyone like you: Election hostility explained A short video and a blog post from Dr Sandra Obradović of the London School of Economics (LSE): video article

LSE research around the 2019 general election in the UK “identified an alarming level of animosity towards both politicians and fellow voters. Negative feelings about the electoral process, the people who represent the electoral system and fellow citizens who might vote differently have important consequences for the health of a democratic system”.

For serious discussion with your more senior students?

4. And, finally, a little more on cheating online, with companies now not only offering to write essays for their customers but also to attend seminars on their behalf! (A comment below the article makes it clear that this problem is not related to only one country.)

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