Thursday, 22nd July

1. I should have included this one yesterday – sorry! The Hay Festival’s free Book of the Month event for July at 19:00 UK time today, 22nd July, is Suzanne O’Sullivan’s The Sleeping Beauties (and other stories of mystery illness)

 2. This one’s not easy reading, and I should maybe have saved it for the weekend, but here it is anyway: a free-to-download collection of ten of the ‘highest impact’ articles from International Affairs I’ve presumed to download Joseph Nye’s article on The rise and fall of American hegemony from Wilson to Trump and you’ll find it below. Here’s the opening paragraph to give you the flavour: Americans often describe their place in the world as ‘exceptional’. As Stanley Hoffmann once pointed out, every country likes to think of itself as unique, but two stand out in their claim that their values are universal: France and the United States. France, however, was limited by the balance of power in Europe. Only the United States ‘has tried to develop foreign policies that reflect such exceptionalism’ and has had the scope conferred by sufficient power to take an original path in the international jungle.

3. Lots of captivating videos here of classrooms around the world from the OECD. Here’s one from Colombia on Starting the Lesson with an Energising Game and here’s another, from Japan, on Monitoring Students and Pushing them Forward Lots more here

4. And, finally, see what you make of this, The Sun Sets Eight Times A Day Scroll down for the instructions in English – if you need to!

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