Thursday, 24th June

1. The most recent issue of ELT Journal, which is a special issue devoted to Comprehensive Sexual Education in ELT, is available for free here

If, like me, you’re not 100% sure what might constitute ‘comprehensive sexual education in ELT’, you’ll find Dario Banegas and Dimitris Evripidou’s introduction to the issue here

This issue’s Key Concepts article by Nicholas Bremner on Learner-centredness is here PDFs of both pieces below.

2. The next event in the Centre for Language Education Research at Queen’s University Belfast’s seminar Series, at 12:00 next Tuesday 29th June, is An Emerging Research Agenda for Multilingual Cities with Professor Lorna Carson from Trinity College Dublin. More info and registration here Professor Carson’s claim is that “there is a lack of a serious and sustained research agenda regarding the relationship between the languages spoken by citizens and the city itself”.

3. Here’s the Bell Foundation’s excellent Great Ideas feature on ‘Barrier Games’, complete with introductory video A ‘barrier game’ is a particular type of ‘information gap activity’. Lots more great ideas in the menu bar on the right of the page!

4. And, finally, a very listenable podcast interview with (Lord) Gus O’Donnell, who was press secretary to UK prime minister John Major and cabinet secretary, head of the civil service and permanent secretary of the Cabinet Office to three other prime ministers – Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron. He sounds a surprisingly normal bloke!

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