Wednesday, 23rd June

1. It’s possibly not so very surprising that the number one collaboration tool in this list is Prezi, given that it’s a post on the Prezi blog See how many you’ve heard of: I only scored two out of six (including Prezi).

2. Had we but world enough and time, we could discuss the use of the colon in this MOOC’s title: Exploring English: Food and Culture Three hours a week for four weeks, and learn how to cook some classic dishes along the way!

3. Two lively sessions with Joe Dale for British Council Indonesia that deserve a wider audience next.  The first, Quick Wins With Technology in The BYOD Language Classroom (BYOD? Bring Your Own Device!) The second, Having a play! Simple interactive activities for remote teaching

4. This one will never become an English lesson – well, I don’t think it will, but you never know! It’s the UK’s Independent Commission on Aid Impact (ICAI) 2019 report on ‘How UK aid learns’ and their assessment two years later of the UK government’s response PDFs of both below.

5. This week’s phobia? Has to be sfairesphobia – here in Europe, certainly!

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