Friday, 25th June

1. Set aside your prejudices – in either direction – and sign up for this book-launch-cum-discussion at 15:00 UK time next Friday, 2nd July: The History of Grammar in Foreign Language Teaching. More info and registration here The book’s editor, Simon Coffey, and four other contributors will join moderator Richard Smith to discuss “the social, moral and educational factors that have shaped the development of ‘grammar’ in foreign language education”.

2. I’d prefer to have tried this one out, but I haven’t had the software installed on my laptop yet. Cambridge English have developed English Adventures for young learners, starting at A1 level, using the Education Edition of the very popular Minecraft game. Instructions on this page and if you’ve got a Microsoft 365 licence, you’re good to go! You may need some help from your students, I guess, and maybe my granddaughter can help me!

3. The last episode – so far! – in the Pearson Experiences series is Critical Thinking with Christina Cavage. You’ll find a series of four webinars, a podcast and a short introductory video from Christina on this page and you’ll find the whole Experiences series here

I thought I’d mentioned this series before but can’t find any evidence of having done so – sorry if this is repetition!

4. And, finally, give this a go if you have ten minutes to spare this weekend: I got a bit lost first time round but got there in the end and decided that this was my favourite,cat2&lang=en#slide13

The whole British Council art collection can be found here

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