Thursday, 17th June

1. First up today (and a bit earlier than usual) because it’s this evening at 20:00 UK time, the free British Museum ‘curators’ tour’ of their new exhibition, Thomas Becket: murder and the making of a saint

2. Next, just in case you’ve not yet had chance to explore the Climate Action for Language Education lessons, here’s one for 9-11 year-olds, considering the importance of safeguarding all kinds of animals:

PDFs of all the lesson downloads below, including both online and f2f lesson plans.

3. Here’s the raw material for a lesson on climate with your older students that you’ll have to cook yourself:

4. And, not quite finally as it’s turned out, here’s the winner of the International Booker Prize, French-Senegalese author David Diop, & his translator Anna Moschovakis in conversation with Philippe Sands in an Edinburgh International Book Festival event which includes a dramatized reading by Ken Nwosu from the Royal Shakespeare Company

5. Finally, definitely, here’s some audio clips of Ken Nwosu reading voiceovers for a range of adverts that I chanced upon while following my nose for the previous item on David Diop There’s a listening skills lesson in there somewhere, isn’t there?

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