Phobia Wednesday, 16th June

1. Great video report from The Hands Up Project on their Palestine-Vietnam project:

And here’s a bit more on all three British Council funded ‘digital innovation’ projects in Vietnam: Coventry University with Hanoi University of Science & Technology; International House London and Hanoi Pedagogical University 2; The Hands Up Project, International House Belfast and Can Tho University

2. I first mentioned INEE, the Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies back in March, in the context of the launch of their EiE-GenKit: A Core Resource Package on Gender in Education in Emergencies (PDF below this time round!)

At 13:00 UK time on 22nd June, INEE are launching two new publications on girls’ education in crisis-affected contexts: Mind the Gap and Closing the Gap. Webinar info and registration here Download links here and here and PDFs of both below.

INEE have also just started a podcast on Women and Girls on Learning in Humanitarian Crises

Lots to explore and digest, including the origin of the phrase ‘mind the gap’!

3. Nik Peachey is always good value: he’s offering a free webinar on Exploiting Short Video Clips for English Language Learning on Saturday 19th June at 17:00 UK time

4. And, finally, my wife has never admitted to suffering from pogonophobia – and it’s probably too late to admit to it now!

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