Tuesday, 15th June

1. Boris Johnson gets plenty of media coverage. How about a lesson on Keir Starmer, the leader of the UK opposition Labour party? Here’s a video of Starmer’s regular weekly radio show on LBC Radio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17gVP-_-cFM (LBC means Leading Britain’s Conversation, apparently – news to me, I thought it was the London Broadcasting Company!)

and here’s one of those rare appearances of The Daily Mail in this message, itself a rare piece approving of Starmer and his intervention in the Rhodes statue Oxford College row https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9686499/Keir-Starmer-demands-Rhodes-row-Oxford-dons-jobs-amid-refusal-teach-students.html

A different Oxford issue is covered in the radio interview: scope for a jigsaw reading and listening activity?

2. Sign up here for the ECML webinar on “Fostering digital citizenship through language education” at 16:00 UK time on 22nd June https://www.ecml.at/Resources/Webinars/tabid/5456/Default.aspx

The webinar will aim to answer three questions: What is a digital citizen? How does digital citizenship education link up with language education? What type of digital language tasks can support learners to become digital citizens?

3. I realise that attendance of this year’s online IATEFL conference is not something that many will be able to afford, but here, with apologies for any frustration caused, is the conference programme, to give a sense of what’s being talked about this year https://issuu.com/iatefl/docs/2021_conference_programme_for_website PDF below as well – careful, it’s a big file.

If you are attending, look out for Harry Kuchah and me (making a mess of) cooking Jollof rice on Saturday evening! When Harry and I rehearsed the other day, I learned that who cooks the best Jollof rice provokes major competition between West African countries – any views out there? Harry says Cameroon, but I think he’s biased …

4. And, finally and less light-hearted than usual, Drowntown Lockdown, ‘gritty dance theatre’ from Rhiannon Faith about six strangers, weighed down by individual darkness … https://youtu.be/zRjbJHAqduI

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