Monday, 14th June

1. The latest event in the Leiden University Virtual Research Seminar Series on Language Policy and Practices in the Global North and South will be at 12:15 UK time on Wednesday, 16th June with Dr Elisabeth Barakos from Hamburg University:  Language policy in times of social and political transformation: Discourse, ideology and practice.

More info here and registration here PDF of abstract below.

Perhaps more accessible than the title  might suggest: Dr Barakos will be looking (in part) at the case of bilingual Wales in the UK, historically characterised by language decline and marginalisation vis-à-vis the dominant majority language, English.

2. Here’s a piece from the New York Times (spotted by the EL Gazette, thank you!) on the TV series ‘Friends’: How ‘Friends’ Helps People Around the World Learn English ( If it hasn’t helped some people quite enough, then there’s a helpful Leer en español link at the beginning of the piece!

3. UKFIET are holding a webinar debate, Global Education ‘Smart Buys’:  Debating the Evidence, at 14:30 UK time on 21st June, looking at how money is most effectively spent on tackling real-world educational challenges at scale

4. And, finally, I’ve mentioned Daniel Kahneman before. Here’s an podcast interview from The Knowledge Project with him, Putting Your Intuition on Ice: Make yourself the drink of your choice and settle down to listen!

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