Friday, 11th June

1. Still plenty of time to register for the Sheffield University Institute of Education conference, CLIL 2021 The ADiBE Project: Addressing Diversity in Bilingual Education, next Saturday, 19th June.

More info and registration link here

and programme, including some big names in CLIL, here, (PDF of programme below as well.)

Here’s more on the ADIBE (Attention to Diversity in Bilingual Education) project

2. If you speak both French and English, read this article on bilingualism in your weaker language first: And, yes, that is sort of a trick question for those of you who are bilingual in French and English ….

3. National Poetry Day in the UK is not until 7th October this year, but their site is up and running and has some great poems to share – try the Mary Jean Chan and Charlotte Mew ones

and also includes these Counting Songs from BBC Teach How about Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed?

4. And, finally, some thought-provoking DV8 Physical Theatre ‘taster’ videos

Here’s their ‘manifesto’

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