Friday, 18th June

1. The Much Language Such Talk (MLST) language podcast from the Bilingualism Matters team in Edinburgh aims to answer your questions about language, learning, and culture. They talk about bi- and multi-lingualism, what it means to speak more than one language, and the benefits, advantages and struggles of bilingualism. Here’s a special episode of MLST for World Refugee Day on Sunday (Thanks to Ann for spotting this one!)

2. World Refugee Day is marked all over the world this Sunday. Refugee Festival Scotland lasts a whole week: most events are still available and nearly all are free. I’ve used today’s date, Friday 18th June, for this selection Here’s one example from Sewing2gether All Nations, a weekly group for English language learners, based in the north of Paisley, who learn to sew and practise conversational English in a supportive environment. Here’s how to make a traditional abaya

3. This year’s Shubbak Festival starts on Sunday, 20th June, and runs until 17th July Not everything is free, but this one’s in my diary

4. And, finally, I’ll not say too much about this six-pack of short videos, other than to ask you to let me know which is your favourite, please!

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