Friday, 4th June

1. A nice idea from Cambridge University Press that I’ve somehow missed hitherto, their annual Dedicated Teacher Award

Here’s an e-book with the global shortlist of sixty teachers (from nearly 13,000 entries)

and here’s the even shorter shortlist made up of the six regional winner finalists

Plenty of time to enter your colleague for next year’s competition!

2. I advise signing up without delay for the next NILE Insights event, a panel discussion on Video in the Language Classroom, at 16:00 UK time on Tuesday, 8th June, as tickets are limited (Well, that’s what they tell me!)

From the event blurb: “Videos can be a great addition to the classroom but they are not just listening exercises with nice pictures!” More on the panellists here

3. Some listening for the weekend next, for which over-the-ear headphones are recommended (but ear buds will do): Earwig Sonic Theatre Podcasts

Earwig seeks, they claim, “to challenge, inspire, envelope and embrace its audience, inviting you deep into the inner world of its characters, placing you, the listener, at the centre of the drama.” Give it a go?

4. Actors never mention the name of this play, so I won’t either Dominic Hill’s production for the Glasgow Citizens Theatre It’s one hour long and free – but you need to book a ticket – till 30th June. Short enough for use with your students? Watch it first yourself, to see if their stomachs are strong enough!

5. And, finally, these short plays from Watermans Arts Centre in West London, Myths and Adventures From Ancient Greece, about  Pandora (and her box), Persephone (and the Underworld), Midas (and his gold) and Theseus (and the Minotaur) are definitely OK for your students

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