Thursday, 3rd June

1. Another good thing with a long name: Intercultural Citizenship Education through Picturebooks in Primary ELTICEPELL for short! Their next symposium is on 7th and 8th June, starting at 09:00 UK time each day. Programme here (NB! Norwegian time) and registration here the sooner the better, as places are limited

Can you remember what ICT4D from yesterday’s message stands for, I wonder? More likely than not, I reckon – the acid test of a good acronym.

2. The plenary speaker at the ICEPELL symposium (at 14:00 UK time on Monday 7th June) is the very popular British writer (for both children and adults), Michael Rosen. He has his own YouTube channel full of stories and poetry with over half a million subscribers

Try the Wicked Tricks of Till Owlyglass with your students?

3. Here’s the latest OECD newsletter for teachers This one has an interesting infographic on How good are young people at detecting misinformation? – 84% of young people in Singapore report being trained in class to spot fake news, compared to only 44% in Switzerland – and a survey for your students to take on the future of education There’s a short introductory video to the survey

4. And, finally, time for another visit to The Conversation? Yes!

Here’s three pieces likely to provoke discussion in (virtual or online) class:

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