Wednesday, 2nd June

1. It’s that time of year again! Nominations for the ELTons Outstanding Achievement Award are now open until Sunday 27 June. The Outstanding Achievement Award recognises and celebrates people who have made a lasting, extraordinary impact on teaching and learning, and the ELTons team are keen to spread their nomination net as wide as possible round the globe – that net has maybe been cast too close to home in previous years?

Please think about the members of your own ELT community who’ve made a difference over the years – and nominate them here!

2. Next, a reminder about the Climate Action in Language Education (CALE) campaign. If you missed the CALE professional development modules first time round, don’t worry – they’ll all be available again from 16th June

And if you’ve not yet had chance to listen to the Climate Connections podcast, you can catch both episodes here The second episode has a nice pun in the title – ‘Speaking youth to power’

3. I’ve mentioned the Techfugees website before. It’s one of those sites that’s well worth popping into every now and again They have an interesting looking webinar (with a long title) on 9th June, on Sustainable and Innovative Community Practices as Drivers of a new Agenda on Integration Copy of the webinar agenda here and PDF below.

4. And, finally, I do not suffer from this week’s phobia, ovinophobia, as last week’s holiday in Swaledale proved! Photo below by way of proof.

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