Tuesday, 1st June

1. First up today, a joint announcement from NILE and Ready to Run: the two organisations are now working together, and Ready to Run’s videos are now available from this page on the NILE website https://www.nile-elt.com/products/Ready_to_Run

You’ll need to become a member of NILE’s teacher community to access the videos, and you can do that here in approximately 35 seconds https://www.nile-elt.com/catalog?pagename=NILE-Membership A case of 2 NILE + 2 R2R = 5, I reckon!

2. “Become an Animal Superhero… Save the animals, Save the World!” National Geographic Learning are offering two online lessons for your students on Wednesday, 9th June: one at 09:30 UK time for kindergarten and grades 1 & 2 students, and a second at 11:00 UK time for grades 3 to 5. More info and registration links here https://www.ngl-emea.com/projectexploration

Early notice as you’ll need to make arrangements for your students to be able to attend; PDF copies of letters for teachers and school leaders below with details of learning resources for the lessons for each class.

3. ICT4D is UNESCO’s Chair in Information and Communication Technologies for Development – acronyms have their advantages sometimes: why use 60 characters when 5 will do? They’ve just signed up to the Kindness Matters campaign – maybe your students would like to share an act of kindness? More details on the ICTAD home page https://ict4d.org.uk/

Last year ICT4D published Education for the most marginalised post‑COVID-19: Guidance for governments on the use of digital technologies in education https://edtechhub.org/education-for-the-most-marginalised-post-covid-19/

Here’s a podcast version of the executive summary of the report https://ict4d2004.files.wordpress.com/2020/10/200921_0055.mp3 and I’ve attached a PDF of the summary below. Well worth a skim even if you’re not in government – yet!

[PDF] 4. And, finally, from the British Museum, A space to be: a musical celebration of Edmund de Waal’s ‘library of exile’ https://youtu.be/Fp63AVjj0nk

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