Friday, 21st May

A bumper crop today as I’m on holiday next week back home in Swaledale! I’ll be back on Tuesday 1st June.

1. Early notice of this year’s British Association of Applied Linguistics (BAAL) Language in Africa SIG conference, African languages and social change: Politics, activism, and justice, which runs over a two-week period from1st to 14th June. More info and registration here

It’s an interesting model for a conference, with pre-recorded talks uploaded on 1st June, to give participants plenty of time to view and think about them before panel discussions with (some of) the presenters from 7th to 14th June.

2. Next, a set of slides from Nik Peachey on Exploiting Infographics with your students

More free stuff on Nik’s site – and some stuff you have to pay for!

3. Early notice of Trinity and Regent’s free online Future of ELT conference on Saturday, 26th June, so you can make arrangements to be able to attend on a Saturday, if that’s what you’d like to do Registration link here

Plenaries by Silvana Richardson and Scott Thornbury (tbc) and twenty breakout sessions on English for Specific Purposes, Young Learners, Technology & Innovation, and Teacher Education.

4. Available for one month only, a BBC Radio 4 series of five short programmes on Hans Rosling, the man behind those amazing data presentations, How I Learned To Understand The World

And here’s one of those amazing presentations, on Why the world population won’t exceed 11 billion There’s lots on the web.

5. Beyond Survival, four essays from Graham Leicester of the International Futures Foundation, who I met earlier today for the first time in years, “exploring the resources we need to draw on if we are to bend the arc of history toward the hope of a better day” PDF below.

IFF main site here and lots of interesting resources for working on change together in their ‘Practice Centre’ here

6. Quite a treat, from 19-29 May: Sakari Oramo and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra explore Sibelius together as the crescendo of Oramo’s thirteen years with the RSPO–themes/grande-finale–sibelius-with-oramo/

7. And, finally, another kind of treat: a photo essay on the remote region of Murghab in Tajikistan from the Calvert Journal:

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