Monday, 7th June

1. Parents with a migration background: What does it take to raise bilingual children? is the title of the next lecture in the University of Leiden’s Language policy and practices in the Global North and South: Challenges, opportunities and future directions series at 12:00 UK time on 9th June by Annick De Houwer.

Here’s her abstract (PDF below, just in case)

and here’s a link to registration:

Annick is the Director of the splendidly named Harmonious Bilingualism Network:

When I first worked in Croatia – such a long time ago it was called Yugoslavia! – many of the students I taught at secondary school had been sent home to Zagreb at the age of fifteen or sixteen by parents who were working in Germany and Switzerland ‘to learn their family language properly’ – and that was often a very painful process for all involved.

2. Get your students to truly love collocations is this month’s challenge from one stop english! PDF copies of lesson plan and teacher’s notes below.

Part of the one stop english Vocabulary Builders series You need to register but you don’t need to subscribe.

3. If, like me, your eyes were bigger than your stomach and you didn’t manage to watch all the Hay events you’d booked for, you can at least catch the Opening Night Gala for free this week with a cast that ranges from Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall to rapper Guvna B, with a host of literary stars in between!

You can also explore for free – or get your students to explore for themselves – the very rich Hay archive of children’s events and readings

4. And, finally, The Shimmering Extraordinary, six short films from Scottish Ballet, each about and by a different dancer and two to three minutes long

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