Wednesday, 12th May

1. First out of the traps today, the first episode of the new Climate Connection podcast series You can stream it or download it, and there’s notes on each episode and a transcript.

Direct link to first episode here  You’ll recognise the voice talking at the beginning, I’m sure!

2. More climate discussion (but no hot air): Green ELT opportunities & obstacles: savings and costs is the title of the next ELT Footprint UK online meeting at 16:00 UK time next Wednesday, 19th May. UK-focussed but travels well. More info here and a registration link here

3. Just started, the latest edition of the FutureLearn course on Teaching Languages in Primary Schools: Putting Research into Practice Three hours a week for three weeks in which to explore how children learn languages and how to support their linguistic development.

4. A reminder that Reallyenglish are offering thirty days free access to their online IELTS course, which offers 180 hours of IELTS-focused English language self-study Six hours a day for the next thirty days – we’ll all be C2!

5. And, finally, this week’s phobia: thermophobia – something we may all have to learn to live with if we don’t get our collective climate act together soon.

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