Thursday, 13th May

1. Next Monday, 17th May, at 12:00 UK time, hosted by the University of East Anglia: Social interaction in language teacher education: What a corpus can and can’t tell us by Fiona Farr from the University of Limerick. More info and a registration link here: From the blurb: “… it is still true to say that although language teacher education is much done, it is little studied.” The talk will look at “specific evidence-based accounts of the spoken and written discourse of experienced language teacher educators and student teachers”. Can’t quite express why, but this one intrigues me!

2. Next Tuesday, 18th May, at 15:00 UK time is the third in the OECD ‘Ask an Expert’ series: Why play is so important for child learning and development will explore will “explore the important role play and risk-taking has in children’s lives, and how digital play is changing the game”. More info and registration here Good that risk hasn’t been banned completely!

3. If crime fiction’s your bag, you’ll easily spend an hour or three exploring the Crime Reads site Here’s a piece on a film that Alfred Hitchcock never made about George Blake’s escape from Wormwood Scrubs Prison in 1966 and here’s an interview with one of my current favourites, Jane Harper

4. And, finally, an NTS ‘In Focus’ session on Gil Scott-Heron Love it! None of that grime/garage/ jungle stuff ….

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