Tuesday, 11th May

1. The latest report from Oxford University Press (OUP), Education: The journey towards a digital revolution, draws on insights from OUP staff from 7 countries—the UK, Brazil, South Africa, Pakistan, India, Spain, and Turkey – as well as from hundreds of teachers globally, and extensive secondary research. One of the report’s recommendations is that ‘Governments should actively collaborate and learn from teachers and students and use their recent experiences to inform future policy and curriculum development’ – one can only hope! https://global.oup.com/news-items/homepage/reshape?cc=gb&WT.ac=reshape PDF below.

2. eLearning Africa’s ‘Primary & Secondary Education Virtual Exchange’ is free to attend if you work in education in Africa,: more info and registration here https://live.eventtia.com/en/elearning-africa-primary-secondary-education/Registerpage Plenty of notice to allow you to register.

eLearning Africa’s website is here https://www.elearning-africa.com/

3. The next TeachingEnglish ‘Education Exchange’ webinar, on Careers education in a pandemic, is tomorrow, Wednesday 12th July, at 16:00 UK time https://www.britishcouncil.org/education/schools/education-exchange-digital-events/careers-education The panel – from a wide range of educational and cultural backgrounds – will look at the impact of the pandemic on young people’s career plans and hopes. You need to register.

4. I hope today’s message will not be an exercise in frustration for many of you, with #2 free for Africa only, and this item addressed (in part) only to A. S. Hornby Educational Trust UK (ASHET) university MA course alumni.

Over the years, since A. S. Hornby founded ASHET in 1961, over five hundred ELT professionals from around the world have benefited from an MA scholarship at a UK university. Until recently, those alumni came together in a Yahoo Group, but Yahoo groups became defunct last December, alas. ASHET is now consulting alumni on a possible successor to the Yahoo Group and invites them to complete the following short survey by 31st May https://forms.gle/3VgXaDsBcGPHnVYo7 Alumni only, please!

However, ASHET’S Teacher Association Project Awards are open to all associations, and more info can be found here https://www.hornby-trust.org.uk/projects#Projects Copies of the information sheet and the application form below. More information on ASHET here https://www.hornby-trust.org.uk/

5. And, finally, prompted by the behaviour of the birds on our balcony since we started putting out ‘fat balls’ for them recently, here’s last summer’s National Theatre of Scotland short play about the war that develops between one man and the jackdaws in his back garden when he changes the bird food he gives them https://youtu.be/7OzSmjplkMM Switch on the subtitles if Peter Mullan’s accent is a challenge!

All the Scenes for Survival plays here https://www.nationaltheatrescotland.com/events/scenes-for-survival

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