Thursday 18th March

1. The next in NILE’s Insights series is on Critical Perspectives in ELT, at 16:00 UK time on Tuesday, 23rd March, and investigates how and why might language teachers incorporate social justice education into their language teaching practice?

More info here and a registration link here: Jason Skeet chairing; Rose Aylett, Maria Heron and Alan Pulverness discussing. (No Simon Smith – he’s just a pretty face on this occasion!)

2.  Lots of new, interesting stuff on the UKFIET blog since last I mentioned it, including pieces on Vietnam, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, working with refugee language students, and this set of videos on the Abidjan Principles

Start with video #5 if you want a quick (animated!) introduction to the Abidjan Principles

 3. This year’s NATESOL Annual Conference will be on Saturday 15th May, which is a little while away. The call for papers, however, closes on 2nd April. More info here and in the two attachments below. If your paper is accepted, I’ll pay your £5 fee from my savings on commuting to work over the last year. I did ask Tony Picot for his usual joke, but I was disappointed to receive the following reply: Sorry. Too busy with my new hobby to think of a joke. I’ve taken up blindfold archery. If you’ve never tried it, you don’t know what you’re missing! 

4. And, finally, are you a super-recogniser?

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