Wednesday 17th March

  1. Here’s another of the ECML’s project micro-sites, this one on teacher competences for languages in education: Lots of material, including a short introductory video. I’ve attached the project flyer below.

2. Three good recent posts on the Oxford English Language Teaching Global Blog:

Erika Osváth on digital burnout

Ruth Gairns and Stuart Redman on learning vocabulary

Charlotte Murphy on student engagement online

If you’re still not quite 100% confident using break-out rooms in Zoom, you should read this guide written by a self-proclaimed geek Joe Fedewa for non-geeks like you and me

4. The next webinar from the Lancaster Literacy Research Centre is at 11:00 UK time this Friday, 19th March: ‘Transitions in students writing: what do we know from theory and research?’ with Soledad Montes Sánchez from Chile, who’ll be looking at the transition from school to university, with a particular focus on disadvantaged students. More info and registration link here:

5. And, finally, today’s phobia is allodoxaphobia. What’s your view on it?

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