Tuesday 16th March

1. ‘Making our classrooms more inclusive’ is the title of the programme that my colleagues in what the British Council calls ‘Wider Europe’ (it’s a long story) are offering from 11:00 UK time on Thursday, 18th March. More information and a registration link here: https://www.eventsforce.net/britishcouncil/frontend/reg/thome.csp?pageID=2086452&eventID=3898&traceRedir=2

PDF of programme attached below – a stellar line-up!

2. Bloomberg allow you two free articles a month, I think. Here’s a decidedly sombre one on the future of USA-China relations https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2021-03-14/max-hastings-china-might-defeat-america-in-war-over-taiwan that might make for a good discussion class with older pupils.

 3. And here’s another possible discussion stimulant. Last time pandemic restrictions allowed me to visit University College London’s Institute of Education, which must now have been over a year ago, I remember being astonished by the plethora of adverts for essay writing factories – or ‘essay mills’, as they’re often called – stuck to every available surface. No need to write your own essays if you’re rich enough to pay someone else to do so! Here’s a piece on essay mills for WONKHE by Paul Greatrix of Nottingham University which gets quite hot under the collar https://wonkhe.com/blogs/banning-essay-mills-its-time-to-act/ Be sure, though, to read the first comment below the piece by the two lawyers who come in for fierce criticism from Mr Greatrix in his article.

4. I’m taking part in the opening session of the YORStory Online Storytelling Festival at 09:00 UK time on Saturday, 20th March talking about Plain English (even though I’m not entirely sure what Plain English is). The programme is an eclectic one and includes Rafa Honigstein, the football pundit, and Ian Martin, one of the writers of the very sweary and very successful TV series, The Thick of It – as well as experts on plain English.

PDF of programme below, and if, having looked at the programme, you decide you’d like to sign up, here’s the link https://www.yorstories.com/ You need to click on ‘Select a Plan’ and then select the free option for the YORStory Festival 2021-World Storytelling Day.

5. And, finally, some digital literature. All free – or all the ones I’ve tried are, at least – and rather fun: https://editionsatplay.withgoogle.com/#!/ Try Breathe by Kate Pullinger https://editionsatplay.withgoogle.com/#!/detail/free-breathe

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