Friday 19th March

1. ‘Being English Teachers in Gaza’: next Wednesday, 24th March, at 12:00 UK time, four teachers from Palestine – Diana Abu Zayed, Tasnim AlAsttal, Somia Rajab and Laila Saleh – will be reflecting on and discussing their professional identity as teachers in a panel discussion chaired by my colleague, Damian Ross. No teaching context is easy, but I guess some might be easier than Gaza. More info and a registration link here

2. Also next Wednesday, 24th March, at 03:30 UK time – I’ve asked if there’ll be a recording! – the first in a series of six Thai Association of Applied Linguistics (TAAL) events which together make up ‘The Ultimate Guide to Publishing Research in Top Journals’Richard Watson Todd (plus one of his two amazingly large dogs in the photo attached below) on Choosing a Publishable Topic. Zoom link here and more info in the photo attachment below.

3. Third up today, a matching pair: a set of self-access guides to help teachers plan and shape their own professional development plus a booklet for teacher associations designed to help them help their members get the most out of the self-access guides I’ve attached a PDF of the guide for teacher associations below.

4. McKinsey, the management consultants, usually charge governments round the world a very hefty sum for their services. Here’s an article from them for free, though, about a teacher survey they conducted recently which shows that learning loss due to Covid is global – and significant “Although teachers around the world have different styles and standards for learning, there is one thing on which they seem to agree: a computer is no match for a classroom as a place for kids to learn.” PDF attached below in case you have trouble with the download.

5. And, finally, Don Winslow is a favourite author of mine. I’ve just read the new one, Broken, and here’s Winslow talking about it One thing that puzzled me in Broken, though, was his use of ‘ILYM’ at the end of the Acknowledgements. I know the very large majority of the readership of these messages is much younger and much funkier than me, but I had to look it up … (If you’ve not read any Winslow yet, try either The Force, about the New York Police Department, or the first book of his ‘Cartel’ trilogy, The Power of the Dog.)

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