Monday 22nd February

0. Oh dearie me! My colleague Mark has ever so gently pointed out that I got in a right muddle with my days of the week and dates for the webinars I mentioned on Friday.

The Eaquals and PIE–futureproofed/register events I got right – though ‘less tools’ has occasioned a little excitement among more traditional readers –

but the Bilingual English project silver jubilee event is on Friday 26th February registration link here and the National Geographic Learning webinar is on Saturday 27th February Sorry!

1. Also absolutely, totally, irrevocably definitely on Saturday 27th February, at 10:00 UK time, is the next NATESOL webinar, on Comics & the Serious Art of Learning a Language: Using Comics & Graphic Novels for Multi-Layered Learning with Jess Poole of Leeds University. More details in the flyer attached below; register here:

2. Does everyone know what a ‘twofer’ is, I wonder? The term usually applies to bottles of shampoo and the like but today it refers to Dina Mehmedbegovic-Smith and Thomas H Bak’s dual blog post on a) International Mother Tongue Day and b) the Healthy Linguistic Diet (HLD) website’s fifth birthday:

You’ll find the HLD website, which has a wide range of different material, here

3. The Race to Fix Virtual Meetings is the title of this New York Times piece which asks the rhetorical question, “Sick of boring grids of heads?” and describes life beyond – well beyond – Zoom.

Hands up if you’ve heard of Kumospace, Pluto,,  Hopin and Run the World? I can think of one colleague who might have done …

4. Also sent me by my colleague Mark, to soften the day-date blow to my self-esteem: Paisley Book Festival

I fancy this one at 10:00 UK time on Saturday – that’s Saturday! – 27th February: and hope to persuade my granddaughter to watch ‘with’ me.

5. And, finally, a bit of light relief:

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