Friday, 19th February

1. Several webinars today, in date order. First up is the next Eaquals one at 14:00 UK time next Tuesday, 23rd February, with Nazan Gelbal from Sabanci University in Istanbul and a nice, no-nonsense title, More Interactive and Effective Lessons with Less Tools/ Apps:

2. Next Wednesday, 24th February at 09:00 UK time is the next PIE webinar, on What does genuine education disruption look like?, with three speakers from young and successfully disruptive education organisations: Arden University, Nexford University and Minerva–futureproofed/register

3. At 10:00 UK time next Thursday, 26th February, the Spanish Ministry of Education & Vocational Training and the British Council are celebrating the silver jubilee of the Bilingual Education Programme with a webinar devoted to Empowering transformational change. It’ll nearly all be in English (with a little Spanish along the way); Lucy Crehan (about whom I’ve enthused before) and Zahir Irani (about whom my colleagues in Spain enthuse) are both talking. More info here  and registration link here

4. Just a little later on Thursday, 26th February, at 12:00 UK time is Promoting Creativity in Digital Learning with Nik Peachey, discussing why it’s currently all the more important to remember to maintain the human aspect of language learning

5. Last,  but absolutely not least, is the National Geographic Learning webinar at 09:30 UK time next Friday, 27th February, Cultivate a positive student mindset and learn how to become a plastic detective with your students So, what exactly is a plastic detective, I wonder, and what’s the connection with a positive mindset? We will find out next Friday!

6. And, finally, and a bit more seriously than usual, the recently published Dasgupta Report, The Economics of Bio-Diversity, which argues that Nature’s (finite) value must be at the heart of economics  PDF of full report below.

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