Thursday 18th February

1. Techfugees mission is “empowering displaced people with technology” They’ve just issued their first ever annual report, which you can read here I’ve also attached a PDF below but please be warned it’s a bit of a monster file – perhaps surprising, given the people with whom Techfugees does such good work – and you might not want to use up most of your data allowance downloading it.


2. Duolingo, the language learning site,  have also just published their first annual Language Report on global language learning trends Lots of interesting observations, including: the ten most popular languages, where #1 might not surprise you but the lowly position of #10 might; the second most popular language learnt through Duolingo in each country worldwide; the fastest growing languages being learnt; the country that works hardest at learning languages. One small proviso is that the data derives from Duolingo’s customer database, which is clearly not quite a random sample of population in each country.

3. You’ll need to book quickly for the Oxford English Language Teachers’ Online Conference (ELTOC), as some sessions are already full: It runs from 25th to 27th February, and here’s the programme:

4. And, finally, the first episode of the first book, Tess of the d’Urbervilles, in a series of BBC Radio dramatisations over the next few months of Thomas Hardy’s novels told from the heroine’s point of view: Listened to it last night and thought one of my favourite novels survived well!

Here’s the episode of ‘In Our Time’ that discussed Tess:

Curiously – or lazily? – both dramatisation and discussion use the same image of Tess – see if you can find it here!

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